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Growing up, I’ve always had headaches and straining in my jaw. The MyoEffect Appliance corrected my bite by stretching my jaw muscles at the joint, where it was most stressed and tight. I could actually feel the stretch in my jaw as I’m doing my exercises. Afterwards, it feels more fluid and relaxed. After a few months, my daily headaches went away completely.



Quynh Anh P.

Complimentary Consultation

The MyoEffect Treatment is an ongoing process that has alleviated and significantly reduced my horrible migraines, back spasms, and overall posture.
Falcon C.
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At what age should I schedule my child for an orthodontic consultation? The American Association of orthodontists recommeds having an orthodontic evaluation at ages 7-8. Our MyoEffect Early Treatment is especially designed to treat children ages 7-10.
Can I do the MyoEffect Treatment if I’m already an adult? Yes, you certainly can! MyoEffect Orthodontics can also treat TMJ conditions in both adults and children.
How long does the MyoEffect Treatment take to complete? MyoEffect Early Treatment usually takes 9-12 months for the active phase. The maintenance phase post-active phase will proceed until all adult teeth have erupted. Standard MyoEffect treatment usually takes approximately 24 months.
Will my teeth need to be extracted for braces? Not necessarily! When there isn’t enough space for adult teeth, there are 4 ways to gain that space: 1. Push the teeth back to gain space 2. Slenderize (grind some enamel off the width of the teeth) 3. Tooth extraction 4. Widen the jaw to gain space (through MyoEffect Treatment) With MyoEffect Orthodontics, it is possible to complete braces WITHOUT tooth extraction! By retraining the jaw and facial muscles, the patient can avoid teeth extraction completely.
Will my teeth straighten out as they grow in? Your teeth will grow into the space provided by the jaw. If your jaw is cramped and doesn’t provide adequate spacing, the teeth may grow in crooked.
How much does the MyoEffect Treatment cost? Because each patient has an individualized treatment plan, costs can vary. If you are considering MyoEffect Treatment, we urge you to schedule a complimentary consultation.
Do you take my dental insurance? If your insurance covers orthodontic treatment, you will receive the benefit of reduced personal costs. Many insurane policies have a lifetime orthodontic benefit that is distinct ffrom regular dental insurance. Insurances policies vary, so we will review your insurance to determine the appropriate course of action. We accept most PPO dental insurance plans and as a service to you, our insurance specialist will submit all insurance claims and handle any questions that you may have in order to attain the maximum benefits to which you are entitled.
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Before treatment, I had chronic jaw pain. A couple days after I started treatment, the jaw pain sessions reduced dramatically.
Adrian D.